The Ultimate Reference Collection - Holman Quicksource Bible Series

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  1. Comprehensive Exploration with Three Titles: This bundle includes three popular titles from the visually-driven and content-rich Holman QuickSource Reference Series, providing a comprehensive exploration of key theological and biblical topics.

  2. Understanding Creation: The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation delves into major issues related to the theology and science of creation. From proofs of the universe's creation by God to discussions on Genesis's compatibility with modern science, this title offers a thorough survey, including evangelical opinions on Earth's age and Noah's flood, and an analysis of non-biblical creation myths.

  3. Understanding Jesus: The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus takes a clear and close look at Jesus Christ in five parts, covering his Old Testament background, life on Earth, the cross, teachings, and followers. This title offers a comprehensive exploration of Jesus' significance and impact.

  4. Understanding the Bible: The Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding the Bible is a detailed guide aiding readers in grasping the main idea of each Bible book. It covers Christ in the Old Testament, important verses throughout Scripture, and more, supported by colorful maps, charts, and headings for an enriched understanding.

  5. Visual Richness and Thorough Analysis: With a focus on visual richness, these titles are not only content-rich but also visually engaging. The inclusion of colorful maps, charts, and headings enhances the learning experience, making these QuickSource guides valuable resources for those seeking in-depth analysis and understanding of creation, Jesus, and the Bible.

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