The Devotional Children Bible Illustrated Devotional Text - Hardcover

Rs. 630


  • Engaging and Memorable Bible Stories for Children: The Devotional Children's Bible presents the best Bible stories rewritten specifically for young readers, ensuring the tales are both engaging and unforgettable.
  • Accessible Language and Detailed Illustrations: Each story is crafted in simple sentences, complemented by detailed illustrations that captivate young minds and make the Bible's narratives easily accessible to children.
  • Inspirational Devotionals for Personal Growth: Beyond storytelling, every narrative concludes with a devotional text, offering words of encouragement and inspiration. These devotionals connect young readers to the personal promises and teachings found in God's Word.
  • Chronological Order for Comprehensive Understanding: With nearly 300 stories arranged in chronological order, this Children's Bible allows readers to follow the timeline of biblical events seamlessly. Scripture verses are conveniently listed for easy reference, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the Bible's narrative.
  • Bringing Bible Characters to Life: The Devotional Children's Bible breathes life into beloved Bible characters, making them spring to life through engaging narratives and vibrant illustrations. This edition creates an immersive experience for young readers, fostering a deeper connection to the timeless stories of faith.

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