Tamil English Parallel Holy Bible | Burgundy Color | Korean Print | Tamil (O.V) English (ESV)

Color: Black
Rs. 2,400


  • English and Tamil Parallel Bible: Immerse yourself in the Word of God through side-by-side comparison of the E.V.S and O.V translations. Gain deeper insights and explore the nuances of the text in both English and Tamil.
  • Easy-to-Read Version (E.V.S): The E.V.S translation offers a clear and simplified rendering of the Scriptures, making it accessible to readers of all ages and language proficiency levels. Perfect for new believers, youth groups, and anyone seeking a modern and straightforward interpretation.
  • Tamil Old Version (O.V): Discover the richness of the Tamil Old Version, cherished by generations for its timeless eloquence and traditional language style. Immerse yourself in the depth of Tamil literature while delving into the teachings of the Bible.

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