ESV Study Bible Hard Cover

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  • Widespread Appeal with Over One Million Copies Sold: The ESV Study Bible has achieved remarkable popularity with over one million copies in print, attesting to its widespread appeal and recognition as a trusted resource for understanding the Bible.
  • Diverse and Expert Team of Scholars: Created by a diverse team of 95 leading Bible scholars and teachers from 9 countries, representing nearly 20 denominations and 50 seminaries, colleges, and universities. This diverse collaboration ensures a comprehensive and nuanced approach to biblical interpretation.
  • Comprehensive Study Tools: With over 2 million words, including 20,000 notes and other resources, the ESV Study Bible provides an extensive set of study tools. These include 80,000 cross-references, an extensive concordance, full-color maps, illustrations, and charts, offering a multifaceted approach to understanding the biblical text.
  • Thematic Exploration through Articles: Featuring 50+ articles on essential topics of theology, ethics, and biblical teaching, the ESV Study Bible delves into key themes, providing readers with in-depth insights and perspectives from some of the world's leading scholars.
  • About the ESV Bible: The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible, known for its word-for-word accuracy, readability, literary excellence, and depth of meaning, is endorsed by over 100 of the world's leading Bible scholars and teachers. Trusted worldwide, the ESV is recommended for personal reading, study, private devotions, family prayers, teaching, preaching, and worship, making it a timeless treasure for life.

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