Why should Christians read Christian authors? We would all have no disagreements as to whether Christians should read the Bible or not. However, most Christians who read the Bible every day, do not show much interest in reading books authored by Christians.

The reasons may vary. To some, the different perspectives brought about by different writers are confusing. To others, the ideological differences are just too much to bear. Be that as it may, the above mentioned should never be the reasons for us to not taste the Word of God through books written by Christian authors.

If you would want a Biblical example for that, you need to look no further than Apostle Paul, when he said, “When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments”. – 2 Timothy 4:13. This is an astonishing example of the importance of reading, projected by Paul. The context is of essence here. Of all the things he could think of sitting in a Prison, Paul thought of BOOKS. Though these scrolls and parchments could also be interpreted as Old Testament Scriptures, we don’t necessarily have to stick to a single interpretation because Paul has proven himself to be a prolific reader throughout the Scripture and has established himself as a master of secular Literature.

On other occasions, Paul has also revealed his familiarity with pagan Greek Literature, which means he has been a painstaking and vivacious reader. As Christians, it is an unwritten rule that reading is a part of our journey. God speaks to us through different people and different people of God speak to us through different means. Some preach, some sing, some evangelize and some men and women of God, WRITE.

The only way to know, understand and be guided by what God wants to speak to us through Christian writers, is by reading what they have written. The number of Christian books that have been written so far and the number of Christian books that have brought about a revolution among us cannot be measured. You and I, have been blessed with the ability to read.

What good would it be if we don’t put it to right use? Let us first be willing to be influenced by the Word of God in order to be influential in this world He put us in.