5 Feet Snow Pine Christmas Tree with Iron Stand for Home Decoration on Christmas, X-Mas Tree

Save Rs. 6,525

Rs. 23,475 Rs. 30,000


  • Festive Elegance: Experience the magic of the season with our 5-foot Christmas tree adorned with large pine cones, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your holiday decor.

  • Dense and Lush: Enjoy the lush and full appearance of this tree, carefully designed to create a stunning centerpiece for your festive celebrations, providing a lifelike and inviting atmosphere.

  • Hinged Branches for Easy Fluffing: Effortlessly achieve the perfect look with hinged branches that make fluffing and shaping the tree a breeze. Spend more time enjoying the holidays and less time on setup.

  • Sturdy Metal Stand: Ensure stability and durability with a sturdy metal stand, providing a reliable foundation for your tree throughout the holiday season. Enjoy peace of mind as your tree stands tall and proud.

  • Perfect Size for Any Space: Standing at 5 feet, this Christmas tree is the ideal size for both spacious living rooms and cozy corners, offering flexibility in placement while maintaining a captivating presence.

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