11-set of mini Christmas decors for Christmas tree

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Rs. 3,345 Rs. 3,900


  • Complete Mini Christmas Ensemble: Elevate the charm of your holiday decor with this delightful 11-set featuring a variety of mini ornaments, including stars, balls, small gift boxes, bows, bells, hangings, a cake topper and a charming small Santa.

  • Perfect for Every Nook: These mini decorations are ideal for adorning not just your tree but also small spaces, wreaths, garlands, and tabletops, adding a touch of festive magic to every corner of your home.

  • Adorable and Festive Designs: Each mini decor item is crafted with intricate details, boasting adorable designs that capture the spirit of Christmas and bring joy to your celebrations.

  • Easy to Arrange: Get creative with arranging these mini ornaments to create a personalized and festive display. Mix and match colors, textures, and shapes for a whimsical holiday atmosphere.

  • Compact Storage: After the holiday season, effortlessly store these mini decors in a compact space, keeping them ready and pristine for the next year's festivities.

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